I’m an ordinary man that has been given the gift of an extraordinary life. From an early age, my parents instilled in me the love of family, the wonder of faith, and the thrill of adventure. When I tell new acquaintances my early history, they often ask, “Where your parents in the military?” “No,” I usually respond, “just Gypsies.” This answer often comes easier (and more believably) than the actual facts. (“They sold the truck and then you all walked from Michigan to New York and you were six? Sure, pal!”) But the facts make the journey interesting.

I’ve been a West Coast kid in the South, an American ex-patriot in Spain, a Spanish immigrant living in the heart of the Ozarks, and a Virginian. I was brought up Baptist, went to Catholic school, was a proselytizer for a closed system of faith (read cult, people), and a licensed minister in a charismatic church. I’ve sang for my supper, washed windows for a living, cooked for the hungry masses, built office cubicles from Denver, CO to Naples, Italy, and have done a fair stint in the waste hauling business. I’ve lived and loved and dug not a few holes. I’m the baby of seven and the father of the same. And I am near the milestone of my third decade with the love of my life, my wife (a saint if there ever was one).

As I said, the one walking this road is fairly ordinary. But the road isn’t, not by a long shot. And as I’ve traveled it, I’ve picked up a thing or two (and lost three or four). Ever learning, always wondering, and entirely expectant on what God may bring – this journey continues. I invite you, dear reader, to take a glimpse at some of the things I see (and have seen). I trust that in such a way, however briefly, we may travel together.

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